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Floating Offshore Multi Wind Turbine


  • Project Development

    Project Development

    Feasibility Study / Design / Engineering / Project Financing and Modeling
    • Consulting, Project Management, Contracting of Vendors and Partners.
    • Project Development - Includes initial feasibility studies, site selection analysis, design support, site-specific engineering solutions and surveys.
  • Licensing


    Licensing of existing and new IP / R&D
    • Licensing – CoensHexicon delivers completed designs for a construction based on Hexicon's patented technology. In connection with the construction, a license fee is paid either as a one-off fee in connection with the handover or as an annual remuneration.
  • Equity Investments

    Equity Investments

    Project Participation during development face and potentially until installation and/or long term
    • Part ownership through initiation and/or services during the development phase.
    • Equity participation – CoensHexicon participates in the continuation of a project. CoensHexicon may also be a long-term partner in project companies.