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Floating Offshore Multi Wind Turbine


Multi Turbine Platform

Key Technology

  • Semi-Submersible Platform
  • Multi-Turbine
  • Turret Mooring System
  • Truss Structure

Multi Turbine Advantage

For Certain installed power, compared to stand-alone turbines :

  • Less use of sea area
  • Cost reduction of mooring system
  • Cost reduction of towing
  • Two WTGs installed in one operation
  • Less inter-array cables
  • Cheaper maintenance

Saving Space

  • Power density compared will single turbine alternatives
  • Reduces footprint with one mooring system for two turbines
  • Less cable between turbines within a windfarm
  • Savings in O&M to keep wind farm in operational mode

Business model

  • Independent from vendors and utilities
  • Local content in manufacturing and O&M is part of the CoensHexicon offer
  • Long term partnership for joint benefit over time


  • Aquaculture is already considered for foundation development
  • Several combination alternatives relevant – e.g. wave & tidal, solar, water desalination, etc
  • Substation on same platform as wind turbines is enabled by sheer size
  • These combinations contribute to lowering the Levelized Cost of Energy(LCOE)

  • 1st Generation

  • 2nd Generation

  • 2nd Generation

Key Technology

Hexicon’s multi turbine technology is continuously being developed to further enhance its competitive advantages and to maintain being a cutting edge, competitive solution for the fast evolving floating wind industry.

The principal changes implemented going from generation 1 to generation 2 are:

  • Reduced turbine spacing
  • Taut mooring system
  • Tilted towers

Through this, a smaller and stiffer design with reduced motions is achieved, cost reductions obtained and constructability improved.