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Floating Offshore Multi Wind Turbine

Parent Companies




Hexicon is a Stockholm based Design and Engineering house developing projects and technology for floating multi-turbine platforms and was founded in 2009.
The platform consists largely of proven technology from the offshore oil & gas industry and is a so-called semi-submersible technology.
The platform can weathervane freely via the mooring system to achieve optimal wind utilization. It is designed to let waves pass through the platform which makes it lie very still in the water.


COENS is established in 2001 which is an integrated service provider to some of the world’s largest Oil and Gas Projects. With our origins and headquarters in South Korea, we have spread our operations to China, Myanmar, Singapore, Russia, the US, the UK and Kazakhstan in almost 2 decades. Along the way, COENS has gained the trust of numerous satisfied clients who have availed our services from design and fabrication through to commissioning, hook-up and operations. We have gained the trust and recommendation from skillful services that we have provided over the years.

We have also gained industry knowledge and experience, a vast client base, and international standards of management. We now supply our services at fabrication yards and engineering offices in Asia, Africa, North America, Europe and Australasia. Our clientele includes major international oil and gas companies like Chevron, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Total, and BP alongside other national oil companies, oil-services companies and the 3 largest shipyards in the world.